Picture your life 3 months from now. You’re working in one of the hottest industries supporting podcasters…on your own terms…making real money. Hold that vision! In 90 days you’ll have a proven step by step roadmap to entrepreneurial success as a Podcast Manager working from home or your home away from home. The My Podcast Biz Podcast Manager Certificate.

At My Podcast Biz, our mission is to help people thrive by providing accountability and the professional guidance to get there. Our team will help you lay the foundations of a long-term career and your future as an online business owner who can earn a full-time living, working remotely in your business! 

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Business strategist and Podcast Expert Traci Deforge is helping clients that want to work remotely, have flexibility and balance, skip the 9-5, or are online entrepreneurs who are ready to springboard their business. 

Join our team of coaches who teach you how to achieve your goals to work from home online in the podcast industry and will give you specific advice at every step of your growth journey as you build your online business.


I am the person behind the brand. Most people call me Traci. My closest friends call me “T”. My favorite two little humans call me “Aunt T”. It's great to meet you.

I have a wonderful husband, a feisty Golden Doodle pup and although based in South Florida, we are mostly nomadic in business and in life by design.

I've built an accomplished career with many accolades but in 2015, I still felt a yearning. This is where podcasting comes in. I realized I wasn’t using my voice to its full potential. I had a pattern of working behind-the-scenes to fuel massive growth in the organizations in which I was a part, while never fully owning and telling my own story.

This was the very moment I knew I wanted to start a podcast and Journey to There was born.This pivotal realization made me even more committed to put my professional experiences behind a platform built to help individuals and businesses change the world one voice at a time. My Podcast Biz is a culmination of my work in broadcasting, podcasting, in the business and entrepreneurial world. 

Yet, it really is much, much more.

It's designed to change your life as a business owner and provide you a platform where you can make an impact by supporting podcasters changing the conversation with their podcasts. It's also my way of connecting to you and with you on a new path where the possibilities are unquestionably endless.

Podcast Launch Specialist and Business Development Manager

Jenny is a Business Development and Podcast Launch Specialist with a side of soul. Former corporate staffer, turned yoga instructor, energy healer and full-time entrepreneur. Her path to entrepreneurship was sparked by a call to action from her body. Moving to a small town and living with chronic illness, all while striving for balance in her family life while juggling young children, she faced a need for flexibility in her work. Jenny teaches her clients how to master manifestation, set tangible goals & build long-term wealth & wellness in their lives.


Operations Manager and Podcast Client Success Coordinator

Holly DePfyffer is a master of systems and operations. She's been an integral part of her client's growth into a high 6 figure business and instrumental to getting them to 7-figures. She specializes in developing and implementing operational systems, infrastructure strategy and building teams with scaling as the focus.

Holly’s love for travel, and the desire to skip the steps of a conventional 9-5 career is the driving force behind her working remotely. You'll find her working from her laptop by the beach or in the mountains in California.


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This group is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to SHARE, INSPIRE, and HELP each other grow their successes together by empowering one another.
Become a Podcast Manager & VA was created as a platform through which podcast managers, VAs and aspiring podcast industry experts can help each other THRIVE and PROSPER in the most important areas of their lives: business, career, personal growth and life balance.
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Most people call me Traci. My closest friends call me “T”. My favorite two little humans call me “Aunt T”. 

I have a wonderful husband, a puppy and live on a barrier island off the Southeast coast in the United States. It is an amazing life for which I am incredibly grateful. It hasn’t always been this way and it was a long road to get here.

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